Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Schedule . . . or Not

I'm moving my two hours of writing a night to 8-10 pm (instead of 11 pm to 1 am).

Again, though, making this goal forces me to take a hard look at my priorities. When I sit down at the computer I know that if I choose to spend those hours writing for fun, I am choosing not to do work that actually puts money in the bank NOW. And we really need money in the bank now.

Ideally these two hours of writing would be ON TOP of my normal set of hours working; I would be working HARDER not just using my regular work hours to write.

In the end, I am happy as long as I'm being more productive and making this goal, whether I spend those hours on writing or on my other work, IS making me more productive.

I will get there, eventually.

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